Sara Jones Design

Case Studies


These case studies reflect some of the branding and strategy projects I worked on with my creative agency, Kind Aesthetic

A creative professional rarely does just one thing in his or her practice. Annie Coggan came to us with more than 25 years worth of amazing work and a popular design blog that needed some attention. How could we help a talented individual with a successful multi-dimensional practice inspired by historical research–and existing as artwork, interior design, writing and teaching–best tell her story? In addition, her blog, Chairs and Buildings, needed revisualization, a new look, and a fresh mission in order to engage with her ideal audience, inspire and stimulate her own work and research, and challenge her to push new and exciting design ideas into the world. 

An artist who had been making gorgeous clothing from cast-away fabric remnants in the fashion industry was looking to expand her art project into a business. She had been encouraged by friends and friends-of-friends, who had purchased her pieces, to make her work known to the public. How could she do this effectively and gracefully while still continue making and maintaining her art practice? She knew she needed to launch a separate line, with a new name, logo, and identity. 

DELVE is an educational and coaching platform that helps artists and creatives tell their unique stories and establish a clear, genuine and powerful presence in the world: online, in person and in writing. We developed it based on a clear need for these services that we observed working with artists and creatives. Our mission is to help artists and creatives reach their biggest goals by creating community, empowering them to hone the professional skills they need to put their best work into the world, and inspiring each other to take action on projects that truly matter.

Kate Schutt, musician, came to us with a mission to better connect with her adoring music fans when she can’t tour due to being the primary caregiver for an ill family member. How could we help a talented individual organize her storytelling approach, best feature her music and projects, and leave her room to maintain and grow this platform to create the same wonderful sense of community and interaction that she evokes on stage? 

An award-winning architecture firm needed a complete website overhaul and reorganization, as well as a more effective way to share their work, a clarification and rewrite of their mission statement, and a new logo and promotional materials.

Van Alen Institute (VAI) needed to strategically transform its current unused ground floor space in order to house its entire nonprofit operation, which includes exhibitions, events, offices, and a bookselling platform. The goal was twofold: to create a new, happy, home for the organization and construct a new space in order to refocus its attention on analysis, advising, and activating designs, public policies, and experiences of the public realm.

In the spring of 2014, Rebuild By Design and Van Alen Institute came to us with an opportunity to  plan, coordinate, curate and produce two events: one was a large, public exhibition celebrating the Unveiling of the Final Work by the ten winning design teams of the overall competition, and the other was a smaller but no less important Scale It Up event celebrating the hard work and commitment to the competition process by the Lower East Side community deeply affected by Hurricane Sandy.