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Princeton University Art Museum

Worlds Within Exhibition Design Proposal


  • The narrative possibilities of the title, "Worlds Within," especially the idea of something that is hidden or can be revealed.

  • The formal abstract geometric elements of the Mimbres pottery, including the repeated fine and thick lines.

  • The circle as a strong shape that references both the form of the bowl and the oft-repeated shape within the design, as well as being a metaphor for the “world” of the exhibition title.


  • To create an identity for the exhibition that can be used across collateral and that appeals to a contemporary audience while playing homage to the ancient art form of the Mimbres Pottery.

  • To create a contemporary color palette that nods to colors often associated with the southwest and the southwestern landscape, while providing a balance with the predominantly black and white glazes on the ceramic forms.


  • I focused my typographic choices on geometric sans-serifs that reflect the geometric forms in the abstract shapes of the pottery. It was important to find typefaces that had perfectly round Os, as well as a symmetrical slant to the "W," to play well in the treatment of the titles.

  • I am including 3 different design concepts. 2 of the concepts use the typeface Galano Grotesque. The other design uses LL Brown.

Color Palette:

The three concepts have different palettes, yet the combined palette of all three works well together. I decided to focus the palettes on black and white with just one or two strong secondary colors to play off of the high contrast of the black and white glazing on the pottery. I have also included a grey to be used as a possible wall color.